Wilderness Acupuncture

Wilderness Acupuncture is a practice of traditional medicine in the wilderness done by a licensed acupuncturist. Since most of us now live in the cities it primarily involved preforming acupuncture treatments during backpacking trips. Acupuncture cannot heal a twisted ankle. However, it can help with some pains that happen in the outdoors. In addition to that the acupuncture treatment kit, which includes needles of course, and several cleaning pads, doesn’t weight that much.

One problem that can be very effectively treated by acupuncture is the head aches associated with high altitude.


Treating altitude headaches in Eastern Yosemite.

Generally, a mild high altitude sickness manifests itself as a mind headache as a person slowly acclimatizes to the new air. If more severe symptoms occur then it is wise to go to the lower altitudes. That aforementioned mild headache can be effectively treated with acupuncture or acupressure without resorting to drugs with side effects. Thus a patient can sleep better and be well recovered the next morning ready for the next day’s adventure.


Another problem that often occurs is back aches. Carrying heavy backpack that may not be well adjusted for many hours does not come without consequences. Good stretch in the morning helps. However, sometimes simple treatment at the end of the day may be required.


Treating back muscle pain in Ventana Wilderness.

Again, acupuncture is very effective in reducing back aches and speeding up recovery without harmful side effects. It also provides some fun activity around campfire, if the weather cooperates.